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            Student opportunities

            We employ students to help keep the energy flowing to our customers in a safe and reliable manner. Our student employees have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day. We often have student opportunities available in the following areas:

            Student employment features

            • Competitive wages
            • Flexible hours — summer and year-round opportunities
            • Comprehensive training, learning multiple facets of department or line of business
            • Activities outside of work, including sporting events
            • Access and membership to our business resource groups for development opportunities
            • Potential opportunities for full-time employment after graduation offering:
              - Competitive wages and benefits
              - Professional, ongoing training
              - Career advancement opportunities
            • Various responsibilities based on department student supports
            • Valuable and meaningful contributions to their teams



            • Enrolled in full-time, four-year college/university
            • Minimum GPA of 2.8


            • Completion of first semester
            • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
            • Excellent written and oral communication skills
            • Good customer service skills
            • Time management and organizational skills


            Look for student opportunities, when available, and apply here:
            Career opportunities